Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Often we can hear opinions that the bride can organize the whole wedding herself. We are sure she is capable of it, but for what cost? Right after engagement, every future bride is excited and ready to plan everything herself. But after some time the happiness will shift into duty and stress. Time goes by very quickly and a lot of brides find themselves tired and under pressure and often they forget about some details. A few days before the wedding they catch themselves to be solving problems like – When will the baker bring the cake to the? Who will coordinate the transfer from the wedding ceremony to the celebration? What will be the schedule for taking photos? What will be plan B in case of rain? In short, they are overstressed and they forget to look forward to their big day. The biggest mistake is when friends and family are assigned to coordinate the whole wedding day. So why not leave it in the hands of a professional and just fully enjoy your day?

First of all, the coordinator is saving you time and money. They are keeping you from trouble. The coordinator will help you to choose the venue, solve all legal paperwork in the Czech Republic, create the budget, communicate on your behalf with partners and suppliers, plan a program for the wedding day, organize all logistics during preparations, keep an eye on details, take care of your guest and most importantly is your support during the whole process.

Yes, you can also request coordination of a wedding day. We will arrange a meeting before the wedding, you will introduce us to the schedule and organization of the big day and we will take care that everything goes smoothly.

For sure. Consultations are part of our services.

Our rule is that when the wedding has more than 50 guests, we also involve a second coordinator. Every wedding is extra and differently complicated. If the wedding is taking place in multiple locations it is desirable to invite the second coordinator no matter the number of guests.

Our partnership suppliers are just a recommendation for you. We work with them long-term and we know they are reliable. But if you will choose by yourself, we won't talk you out of it.

With us, you can have a wedding in Prague, Central Bohemian Region, the Liberec region and the Hradec Králové region.